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Featured Products

We love working with only the best products. Here are just a few favorites.

IKO Cambridge™

Cambridge™ is IKO’s most popular shingle among contractors and homeowners alike. Their large profile and deep shadow bands create a premium designer look at an affordable cost. From traditional to modern and rustic to urban, Cambridge can improve any home’s style. They are engineered to withstand the elements for years, making it the most durable shingles.

OC Duration™

Impact-Resistant with WeatherGuard Technology™ 

A great premium choice for homeowners concerned with the effect of severe weather. Unlike standard shingles, Duration features patented WeatherGuard with an integrated polymeric backing material.

GAF Timberline®

The Timberline® Cool Series shingles help reduce cooling energy costs. They are highly reflective to help reduce temperatures in your attic. According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, cool roofs may save homeowners an average of 7-15% on cooling costs.

Malarkey Vista®

Vista® is an architectural shingle line fortified with sustainable polymer modified asphalt technology for enhanced granule adhesion and extreme weather protection, including Class 3 impact resistance. This product offers optional security against algae staining.

Euroshield Harvest Shake®

Euroshield introduces Harvest Shake, a thinner and lighter version of their popular rubber roof product, Ranchlands Shake®. Harvest Shake is suitable for both re-roof and new construction applications. At a price point between asphalt shingles and premium roofing products such as cedar, slate or metal roofing, they offer a tremendous value. They’re light in weight but not in performance. Harvest Shake is backed by one of the best Limited Lifetime Warranties.

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